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Finding Beloved

I love my name - Amy Lynn. I felt treasured every time I heard the story of how my dad had my name picked out before I was even born. In high school, I did go through a short period of time where I wished my name was spelled "Aimee," but other than that, I’ve never wanted a different name.


​My name means "beloved." I learned this as a young adult. I was given a pocket-sized card (now carried in my husband’s wallet) and plaque (hanging in my writing space) each with my name and its meaning.


I never thought much of it.


Until the day God whispered, "You are my beloved." I was flooded with the recollection that Amy means “beloved” and the realization that I am God's beloved.


Beloved was no longer a name meaning but an identity.


​My blog documents my journey of fully understanding "I AM BELOVED." I want to help others discover this truth and live their lives as God’s beloved.

Family photos courtesy of Dutchworks Photography